Women's Elite Rowing Suit Palms

$119.00 AUD

Rowing ClothingDesigned in conjunction with Australia's leading junior female rowers, the Volare women's elite Zootie redefines rowing performance and comfort. We applied years of experience in technical sports performance apparel to the rowing world and set a new benchmark in performance rowing suits. 

Our design team are a pretty sharp crew with years of experience in surf, triathlon and performance sports. They recognised immediately that women's rowing suits need to be different to mens! It was also clear that rowing designs haven't changed much recently or ever and it was time to spice things up in the design department.

 Step one was to assemble some of the best female junior rowers in the country to row a few thousand kilometres and test countless samples in the quest for the perfect suit. After many kilometres, lots of honest feedback, plus a few arguments around leg length and materials, we are proud to launch the Volare women's elite rowing suit.

Models / Rowers:

  • Olivia wears a small 


Key Features


The difference is in the detail. Enhance comfort, improved seam placement, zero restriction and no upward ride.


Modesty protection, dyed shorts prevent unwanted attention. 


Designed on the Gold Coast, we are the cheeky Aussie underdog, no pretence, no ego, just great designs.


The devil is in the detail, from high tech fabrics to seam placement. It's the 1 percenters that make all the difference in rowing, look good, feel fast, listen to your coach and believe in yourself. The rest will follow.