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Volare Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles are the ideal choice for all swimmers and we have a range of swim goggles designed for pool swimming, open water swimming, surf lifesaving and triathlons.

Comfortable Swim Goggles: Volare swimming goggles feature soft seal technology for improved comfort, making them the most comfortable swim goggles available. Super soft silicone seal gaskets, massively reduce and in most cases eliminate the dreaded swim goggle marks, as a perfect seal is easily achieved without the need to over tighten goggle straps.

Leak-Proof Swim Goggles: Volare designs a range of swim goggles, including the Kirra socket goggles that come with interchangeable nose pieces, allowing swimmers to customise goggle width and achieve a leak free fit. The Kirra swim goggles is ideal for all swimmers including, kids, women and competitive swimmers as it is highly adjustable. The Noosa swim goggle is ideal for adults swimmers and features a larger silicone gasket, which is super comfortable and requires little pressure to achieve a leak free fit.

Anti-Fog Swim Goggles: Volare is the market leader in Anti-Fog swim goggle lens coatings, all our optical swim goggle lenses are treated with a long lasting Anti-fog lens coating as standard for clear vision. Anti-fog prevents the condensation of water droplets on the inside of the swim goggle lens and provides clear vision to swimmers.

UV Protection Swim Goggles: We all know that increased exposure to UV light causes damage to the eye, outdoor swimming and the reflective water surfaces can magnify this exposure. As an Australian brand, sun-protection is always front of mind and Volare swim goggles feature UV protective lenses that provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UV protective swim goggles offer superior eye protection even on the brightest Noosa days, without sacrificing light transmission or vision.

Mirrored Swim Goggles: The reflective optical mirrored coating on the outside of the swim goggles, substantially reduces glare and the reflection of the sun while swimming. Making mirrored swim goggles ideal for bright outdoor swim days.

Polarised Swim Goggles: Volare polarised swim goggles are made from a special polarised film that is moulded into the lens during manufacturing. Polarised swim goggles filter light rays, eliminating glare and improving vision in bright light conditions, allowing you to see more detail while swimming.

Photochromatic Swim Goggles:  Volare photochromatic swim goggles allow the swim goggle lens to self tint and adjust based on the available light conditions, providing swimmers with optimum vision, no matter the light or swimming conditions. Volare photochromatic lenses will automatically tint from clear too dark as the sunlight and swimming conditions gets brighter and return to clear as clouds appear or as the light fades minimising fatigue on your eyes.

Adjustable Swim Goggles: Volare swim goggles come with silicone adjustable straps, our super soft silicone goggle gasket technology allows swimmers to achieve a perfect leak free fit, without over tightening goggle straps.

Swim masks:  Open water swim masks offer significant advantages in terms of comfort, fit, field of vision, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for swimmers, open water swimmers and water enthusiasts who prioritise these features. The larger silicone skirt and seal of a swim mask can offer a more secure and comfortable fit, reducing the likelihood of water leaks. The wider seal distributes pressure more evenly around the face, which can be more comfortable for extended wear.