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Unleash their Potential with Volare Kids Swimming Wetsuits:

The Volare V1 junior wetsuit is a unisex swimming wetsuit designed specifically for swimming, surf lifesaving and triathlon. Its neon yellow arms and leg panels make the wetsuit highly visible in the ocean. Making this triathlon wetsuit ideal for open water swimming and surf lifesaving. In a sea of black neoprene, you will be sure to standout from the crowd.

The V1 junior triathlon wetsuit has quickly become the number one triathlon wetsuits for juniors, given it is a scaled down version of the highly regarded adults V1 wetsuit and represents unbeatable performance and value. This suit ticks all the boxes, performance, visibility, warmth, stylish good looks at price that won't break the bank.

We are passionate about empowering kids to explore the water, build confidence, and discover the thrill of open water swimming.

Optimal Comfort and Flexibility:

We understand the importance of comfort and flexibility in enabling kids to fully enjoy their water activities. Our wetsuits feature premium materials and smart construction that allow for unrestricted movement, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. With Volare Kids wetsuits, your child can focus on the thrill of swimming, triathlons, and surf lifesaving, without the distraction of being cold. Warm, fast kids are happy kids.

Enhanced Performance and Buoyancy:

Our wetsuits are meticulously engineered to enhance performance and buoyancy in the water. The intelligent design and strategic buoyancy panels optimise body position, reducing drag and increasing buoyancy. This enables young swimmers and triathletes to achieve better stroke mechanics, improved speed, and enhanced endurance, giving them a competitive edge.

 Built to Last:

Durability is a priority when it comes to kids' wetsuits. We understand that young athletes can be full of energy and enthusiasm, which is why our Volare Kids wetsuits are built to withstand the demands of their active lifestyles. From the finest stitching to the highest quality Yamamoto neoprene materials, our wetsuits are designed to go the distance, ensuring they can accompany your child on countless aquatic adventures.

Safety and Confidence: 

Volare Kids wetsuits, prioritise safety and instilling confidence in young swimmers, surf lifesavers and triathletes. Our open water swimming wetsuits provide added insulation and protection, keeping your child comfortable and secure in any water conditions. With the trust and security provided by our wetsuits, your child can focus on honing their skills and achieving their goals.

Improved Visibility and Safety:

Safety is paramount in surf lifesaving, triathlon and open water swimming, Volare wetsuits prioritise visibility. The bright colours and contrasting panels of Volare Youth wetsuits ensure that young surf lifesavers are easily visible to teammates, beachgoers, and rescue recipients. This increased visibility enhances safety by allowing others to quickly locate and identify the surf lifesaver in the water.