Waterproof Dry Tube - 12L

$29.95 AUD

When quality counts the Volare 12 litre dry tube bag has got your valuables covered, ideal for protecting items against the elements. Designed to be at home in the sand, snow, ocean or simply just cruising the streets on a rainy day, this is the ultimate adventure capable dry bag. Any tougher and this 12 litre dry tube would probably rust!

Volare waterproof dry bags are also customisable, the Volare black logo panel features a unique hook-and-loop patch system. This is the first waterproof dry bag that can be customised with stock badges, allowing you to clearly identify the use of each dry bags contents, for example “First Aid”.

For sports teams the Volare design team can create badges to meet your branding requirements and team needs, giving you a custom dry bag in 14 days. Athletes or adventurers can personalise the individual look of this stylish waterproof dry bag for easy identification when travelling or training, with club, team, state or country badges, allowing for a unique individual look.

Constructed from ultra-tough hard-wearing PVC and featuring welded seams and injection moulded components to ensure your next adventure is trouble free. Totally waterproof, it will happily float on water and even handle brief submersions.

To create a waterproof seal, simply create 4 tight rolls and then clip our fastening system together and you’re adventure ready.

Should your adventure run out of daylight, stylish reflective logos will keep you visible and should you need to attract attention all our dry bags feature a built-in safety whistle.

Note: Brief submersion means that dry bags should be free to float to the surface and not held underwater.  

Key Features


Individualise with stock badges, team badges, country flags and content badges


Built in safety whistle in the top buckle / clip for attracting attention.


Removable shoulder straps for longer journeys


Designed to handle brief submersions, high frequency welded PVC and roll top seal.