Velocita Aero Women's Rowing Unisuit

$349.00 AUD

"Velocita" is the Italian word for speed and in a rowing first we are extremely proud to launch the "Velocita" Aero rowing unisuits. These highly technical unisuits set a new bench mark in rowing apparel and light years removed from traditional cotton suits or any exist rowing suit on the market. This absolutely isn't a product for everyone, Volare is about pushing the boundaries of race day performance and designing products that enhance a rowers comfort. We have gone all in on technology utilising bonded seams, laser cut panels, integrated seamless leg grippers and used the the highest quality Italian aero materials to set a new bench mark in performance rowing suits.

Why: While rowers train to improve power delivery during the rowing stroke, external forces impact a rowers average velocity. Drag forces acting on the shell and blade relative to water have the greatest impact on boat speed, while frontal drag on the rower and shell relative to air offer the smallest gains. However when races are won and lost by milliseconds, we believe that seconds count and that small performance aero gains are possible by using the latest aero fabrics. While rowers travel at lower relative speeds compared to cycling, drag on the rower is still present and in head wind conditions increases dramatically, the Velocita aero suits are designed to reduce drag and help rowers enhance performance.

Additional benefits:

  • Weight Saving: Suits are 200 grams lighters on average than competitors and can eliminate 1.5 - 2kg of dead weight from an VIII.
  • Temperature Regulation: (Superior Italian breathable fabrics
  • Comfort: Seamless leg grippers, bonded seamless sleeves

Improved Airflow Management: Aero fabrics are incorporated into strategically
placed panels and use special textures that help manage airflow around critical
areas, like the side and back panels of the rowing suit. These
features can reduce turbulence and pressure drag, and in head wind or cross wind conditions aero rowing suits can help rowers maintain higher boat speeds.

We are currently testing the suits in a variety of wind conditions and against
traditional suits, so we can further refine the suits and collect data.

Heat and Moisture Management: Italian Aero fabrics are designed to wick moisture
away from the body and regulate temperature effectively. This keeps the rowers
cool and comfortable, allowing them to maintain peak performance for longer

Durability and Weight: High-quality Italian aero fabrics are both lightweight
and durable. Volare aero rowing suits are up to 50% lighter than traditional
rowing suits and on average 150 grams lighter per suit when compared
to traditional rowing suits. Premium Italian Aero fabrics help to remove dead
weight from crew boats (1 - 2kg on average in an VIII), and our suits are ideal for lightweight rowers as a weigh in suit as they are notably lighter.

Seamless Construction: In a rowing first Volare Aero unisuits incorporate laser
cut, seamless leg grippers to further improve comfort and performance.

Aero sleeved suits feature heat bonded seamless arm cuffs, we are extremely proud to be pioneering this advanced technology in rowing apparel. The search for aero and comfort gains continues and we are currently testing bonded seams in more panels. We aim to further eliminate seams in key panels, that can disrupt airflow, create turbulence, and can cause chafe. This technology will further contribute to a smoother, more aerodynamic profile and more comfortable rowing suit.Like you we are chasing rowing perfection.

  • When seconds count. Worlds first Aero Rowing Suit
  • 100% premium Italian aero fabrics
  • Bonded sleeves, eliminate stitching
  • Seamless laser cut, internal leg gripper, totally integrated with fabric 
  • Wind tunnel tested, 100 gsm aerodynamic fabric
  • Superior heat regulation, moisture wicking, breathable for enhanced comfort
  • Sleeves offer UV protection and eliminate the need for a base layer or t-shirt
  • Laser cut panels
  • Most advanced rowing suit ever made
  • Dyed Italian 200 gsm short fabric for compression and modesty

These suits are made to order, please contact us for more information and our design team can assist.




Key Features


The difference is in the detail. Enhance comfort, improved seam placement, zero restriction and no upward ride.


Modesty protection, dyed shorts prevent unwanted attention. 


Designed on the Gold Coast, we are the cheeky Aussie underdog, no pretence, no ego, just great designs.


The devil is in the detail, from high tech fabrics to seam placement. It's the 1 percenters that make all the difference in rowing, look good, feel fast, listen to your coach and believe in yourself. The rest will follow.