V3 Womens Triathlon Wetsuit

$795.00 AUD

After 2 years of relentless testing, development and countless prototypes and racing, Volare once again has redefined the performance triathlon wetsuit landscape, with the all new V3.

 Volare is the cheeky Aussie underdog, no pretence, no ego, just great designs. While every major brand makes claim to having the world’s fastest wetsuit (Yawn), you can be certain that the V3 delivers the best bang for buck, period. Embarrassingly good and delivering unparalleled performance at real world prices.

  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Yamamoto Neoprene 1.5 – 5mm
  • Improved hip and leg lift
  • Zero water ingress, new patterns and arm speed cuffs
  • Less claustrophobic, ribbed chest expansion panels
  • YKK Zipper for reliable and faultless transitions 
  • Nano coating for reduced drag
  • Yamamoto Neoprene 1.5 – 5mm
  • Buoyancy lift panels:  Laminated foam to enhance hip and leg lift.
  • Ribbed chest expansion panels eliminate that claustrophobic feel
  • Transition leg panels, utilising ribbed neoprene for faster suit removal
  • 3d panelling
  • Neck to Waist Aerodome for increased buoyancy and enhanced body position
  • Low neckline for greater comfort and friction free swimming
  • Ultra-thin arms feel like a second skin increasing feel for the water


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natalie Russell
Best wetsuit 😁👊🏻

Love this wetsuit, super comfortable, great mobility in arms and super comfy in the chest. No worries about body position you really sit nice in the water. Love volare 🏊‍♀️🤙🏻

Natalie, thanks for making our day, absoloutely love the photo . Thank you so much for support an Aussie brand and for the kind words. Happy swimming. Anthony

Super Comfy and Warm

Easy to put on, low neck line is perfect,, flexible around the shoulders, buoyant and warm. Great quality wetsuit.

Best suit in the market :thumbsup:

The very first time I put on my Volare V3 I could feel the top quality in the neoprene that was used. It was extremely easy to get on and on which is great for quick transitions.
The thin panel under the arms and around the shoulders allowed me to have a natural feeling swim stroke, and at no stage do I feel any fatigue in the shoulders.
The low neck line was a huge selling point for me. It allowed for a more comfortable swim and breathing pattern.
Being a leg dominate swimmer, the Volare V3 provides great buoyancy from the waist down which allows me to have my legs for the rest of the race. Hands down the best and most comfortable suit I've even swam in.

Comfortable, flexible and easy to put on.

This is the best suit I have ever worn. In the past I have struggled putting wetsuits on. This one is easy to put on and quick to come off in transition. All this with a great fit!
It's super comfortable, buoyant and fast. It's really flexible around the shoulders and doesn't restrict my stroke or breathing. Doesn't feel like I'm wearing a suit at all. Swimming is effortless.

Key Features


Dare to compare, nothing comes close. Constructed from Yamamoto neoprene, aerodome for extra buoyancy, integrated ribbed chest panels, laminated foam lift panels and the ever reliable YKK Zipper.


Nano technology for improved hydrodynamics and durability


Designed with an integrated neck to ankle buoyancy panel system, graduated 4 - 5 mm aerodome, along with our new lift panels that are manufactured from laminated foam for increased hip and leg lift. Why just swim, when you can fly. 


Low neckline for best in class comfort and improved chafe guard. Removal of the breakaway Zipper and resulting pattern changes has allowed for a vastly improved performance and comfort. The new YKK zipper system is trouble free and keeps things simple.