Swim Tethered Pool Trainer

$69.00 AUD

The swim belt with tethered cord is the ideal training system for stationary swimming and making the most of valuable home swimming pools. This swim training system is perfect for improving fitness and working on swim technique in home swimming pools, avoiding the need for repeated laps in smaller pools.

The training system come with a 3m cord with nylon attachment loops, fully adjustable neoprene swim belt and handy storage bag.

Simply fasten to a secure fixing point by passing the cord around and back through the loop. Ensure the fixing point can not be moved and is totally secure such as a pool fence, post or lane rope plug. Ensure the swim cord is not chafed by the pool edge or other objects. 

  • Fasten the yellow loop to a secure fixing point, by passing the cord around the secure object and then back through the loop. Ensure the fixing point can't be moved and that the fixing point is totally secure, such as a pool fence, post or lane rope plug.
  • Ensure the swim cord can not be chafed by the pool edge or other objects. 
  • At the other end of the rubber cord is a smaller yellow loop with black nylon reinforcing, connect this loop to the provided neoprene swim belt by passing the belt through the loop and then secure the belt around your waist. 
  • Do not dive into the pool, once in the pool slowly move forward until the cord is firm and start swimming. 
  • For longer technical swims we highly recommend the Volare neoprene buoyancy shorts, wetsuit or a pool buoy. 
  • Always supervise children, this is not a flotation device. We recommend that weaker swimmers wear neoprene swim shorts or wetsuit and be supervised at all times. 

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Customer Reviews

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A really well made product but would be helpful if the bungee cord was adjustable as most home pools are lacking in length and this bungee cord really stretch’s. It took a bit of fiddling around to find an appropriate spot where the cord could be wrapped around the mount a few times to achieve the right length.

Greg M
Great Trainer

This swim tether is excellent, it is so light you hardly know you are connected. Being a big fella, round 120kg, I was able to stretch the line to the sun deck of the pool at full swim stroke. To remedy this I ran the line from the base of the pool fence and up over the top, this took off the slack needed and positioned me mid pool at full swim stroke.
I have legs made of concrete so to enhance the balance in one spot I added a pair of MP swim flippers, that keeps my legs buoyant and swim efficient. Without the flippers it was like swimming through mud and I was gassing out in minutes.
Up to 3 days per week now and it's a great compliment to my gym sessions for overall fitness.
A great product Volare, thank you.

Stuart Hughes
So far so good...

There are a few bad reviews here, but so far I'm really happy. This is going into a backyard pool so will report back iii any issues.

The cord seems well built and I'm around 90kg so it's got some work to do. Initially I will say the cord is long for a back yard pool, though this can be adjusted by simply looping it around your anchor point.

To mitigate cracking or ripping the cord, I've added a small towel to the pool edge where it attaches to the skimmer box to mitigate wearing and tear.

Quick wash when done should be good to keep it in decent shape. Will report back if any issues arise.

So far, so good ;)

Disappointing quality

We were very excited to use this tether in our back yard pool and it was great at first. After a month or two of use the rubber cracked and split and we could no longer use it. i went back to the shop where we bought it and was told that we musn't have washed it thoroughly enough after each use and hence the material had weathered and deteriorated. I would have thought that a pool accessory would have been more resistant to chlorine. It was always stored in its bag and away from the sun.

Volare Swimming tether

I had to replace my old tether with a new one, Volare customer service is great and I highly recommend them.
The Tether will extend a long way, so if you swim in a pool less than 10m I recommend wrapping the tether around the pool fence base. This way it's tighter and you'll be swimming around the 3~5m mark.

Key Features


Handy storage bag keeps everything together for your next swim


Neoprene Swim Belt

Adjustable soft neoprene swim belt for maximum comfort


Loops or hooks onto pool fences, through skimmer boxes, lane rope fittings or over solid objects. 


Super high quality, includes attachment loop with swim cord, belt and storage bag