Safety Bailer Kit With V-Sheet

$49.95 AUD

The Safety Bailer Kit with included  V-Sheet is an all in one boating safety kit. The UV stabilised waterproof container with O-ring is 100% waterproof, bright orange and floats. This handy marine safety kit contains key compulsory boating safety for Australia, it is an ideal choice for boating, sailing, jet skiing or simply enjoying a day out on the water.  

This 100% waterproof container can also be used for storing car keys, phones or items that need to stay dry. Should you use require a bailer in an emergency, this boat bailer features an ergonomic handle and is designed for be used on round or square hulls making bailing a breeze. 

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  • Emergency 1.5 L Bailer: Built in ergonomic handle
  • V-SHEET with eyelets
  • Rubberized AA LED Torch (Batteries not included)
  • Whistle for attracting attention
  • Signalling Mirror on lanyard with target site hole
  • Liquid damped navigational Compass


  • Bailer Mouth designed for round and square boat hulls
  • Waterproof and air tight, with O-Ring sealed
  • UV Stabilised
  • Bright colour for easy sighting in an emergency
  • Kit floats and includes security lanyard
  • Safety check list

Key Features


Floating rubberised led torch does not include AA Batteries


Boating safety mirror with sighting hole and lanyard. Sighting mirrors are ideal for day light use and attracting attention by using sunlight to attract potential rescuers. 


V-Sheet with eyelets is required for most registered boats and used for attracting attention from passing boaters, aircraft or potential rescuers.


Pealess Safety Whistle works in all conditions wet or dry and comes with a safety lanyard