$22.95 AUD

The new Volare pull buoy is ideal for leg sinkers and athletes looking for increased leg lift during swim training. Pull buoys are an ideal training tool for swimmers of any ability, helping to immobilise legs and allow you to build upper body strength and focus on swim technique. 

Our pull buoys and neoprene buoyancy shorts create a similar feeling of hip lift to a wetsuit and for leg sinkers the feeling of leg lift, plus improved streamlined performance is noticeable and extremely beneficial to swim speed. For this reason we make the pull buoy in two sizes, standard and large for leg sinkers or swim run events.

For athletes training for an ironman, open water swim or triathlon that is a wetsuit swim, pull buoy or buoyancy shorts are invaluable training aid.

For strength sets try using our pull buoy and swim paddles in combination.


  • Curved edges for comfort and to avoid chafing.
  • Creates hip and leg lift
  • Build strength and improves technique
  • Curved edges for comfort and to avoid chafing.
  • Not a life saving device, designed for use between the legs.
  • 100% EVA, will not absorb water.
  • Designed in Australia


  • L = 22.8 cm W = 10.5 cm H = 12 cm