Open Water Swim Buoy 20L

$59.95 AUD

This high quality, bright swim buoy is the ultimate tow float for open water swimming safety. 

20 Litre capacity is the perfect size for a swim buoy, providing plenty of buoyancy and storage space if required. 


  • Built in emergency whistle clip.
  • High Visibility Orange for enhanced visibility and safety.
  • Dual inflatable safety chamber on each side.
  • Seperate dry bag storage area for keys and essentials.
  • Buoyancy should you need to rest
  • Adjustable tow leash
  • Size: 70cm x 37cm

Volare is renowned for manufacturing dry bags for military, commercial and recreational use. Swim buoys are an essential safety item for open water swimming and for many swimmers provide peace of mind should they need to rest while swimming or face an unexpected even like cramping.

The in built dry bag is a great way of keeping your valuables safe, rather than hiding car keys under your car wheel or leaving valuables under your towel. The in built dry bag also allows you to take a mobile phone with you, allowing you to track distance, use Strava, safety apps or make an emergency call if you use our waterproof phone case.


Customer Reviews

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Michael Baxter
Open Water Swim Float 20L

Haven’t been able to test it in open water yet(still winter here). But it seems to deliver on expectations otherwise. Central dry bag for storage, two separate air bladders and a waist strap

Open water swim buoy 20L

Haven't used the product yet. Bought for a holiday, I want to pack it as flat as possible, so not inflating until I need it. Very pleased with the speed of processing and delivery, and the security of delivery.

The product looks good and feels sturdy. Ticks all the boxes for me, especially the Dry Compartment, means I can take valuables with me as I swim, so I can relax and enjoy being in the water and not have to keep checking to see my stuff on shore is safe.

Marc Zehntner
Good communication from Volare

Thanx to the Volare staff who remained committed to providing me with a product at the same price as advertised even when they were out of stock.
Haven’t used it as yet, however it looks like a solid piece of equipment.

No stock

Unfortunately after placing my order the item was found to be out of stock.
Volare have kindly reimbursed me and also committed to providing me the same item at the same price once new stock arrives.
I will still purchase items from Volare going forward as so far they have been honest and transparent.

Great quality Swim Buoy

Great quality swim buoy, super easy to inflate and deflate and the water proof pocket is great for keys, phone etc. Hold on to the waist strap when you remove if walking out the sea I managed to have one get swept away in the swell while walking up the beach, totally my bad and I needed to buy a new one.