Volare Womens Unicorn Sleeved Tri Suit


Volare is all about performance and race day comfort, but who said you can't have fun and look good while pushing your limits? 

The Unicorn sleeved tri suit is for the athlete who is at ease with their triathlon journey, who likes to have fun, appreciates performance,  great fit and loves to chick the men while still managing to smile at the finish line. The Unicorn sleeved tri suit offers faultless fit and unmatched aero performance, comfort and styling that's as unique as you are.

Customer Reviews

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Alice T
Get all of the awe wearing unicorns

I love my new Tri suit. It gets loads of compliments and is easily spottable even at the big races like Noosa (If that's what you're about). Definitely a great investment and something I'll treasure for years.

I am normally a AU size 8 and bought the Medium, which fits perfectly. I'd definitely say it fits on the small side if you're debating between sizes. Shoulders are comfortable and I like the web material, really great for a hot run leg! I also really like the wide leg bands, which are far more flattering than some women's tri suits that have thin leg bands and give you sausage legs.

Couple of design things to bear in mind:
1. neckline is quite low, so in the swim it does let quite a lot of water in through the neck. If you're wearing a sports bra underneath then make sure it's meant for swimming! If you're not a strong swimmer then worth being aware.
2. the mesh at the bottom of where the suit zips up at the front is right below the belly button. It's covered when you are running and have your number belt on, but feels a bit revealing if you're feeling bloated or anything. Unless you have a perfect 6 pack then you might feel a bit conscious of it. I mentioned it to the Volare team when I bought the suit though (which was only a sample at this point) so may be a feature that they fix for the proper release.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Volare kit and really love my suit despite the tiny criticisms.

Key Features


Zip cover to eliminate chaffing and locking zipper for peace of mind, adjustment and perfect temperature control.


Aero cut with short sleeves for improved aerodynamic performance


The difference is in the detail, Italian fabrics enhance performance, comfort and durability. Seam placement and design eliminates chafing


YKK locking zipper with front entry, for precision temperature control. Makes pit stops in the heat of battle a breeze.