V1 Sleeveless Mens Triathlon Wetsuit

$199.00 AUD $229.00 AUD

The Volare V1 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is designed specifically for open water swimming and triathlon. Its neon yellow shoulder and leg panels make the suit highly visible in the water, making this suit ideal for open water swimming, triathlon and surf lifesaving. In a sea of black neoprene, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Customer Reviews

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Great quality

Andrew Smith
Very happy!

Great suit at a great price. I purchased for triathlons - have only tried it once so far in the pool and it makes it so much easier to swim being sleeveless - no shoulder restrictions. Easy to get on and off. Fast delivery - highly recommend.


I have used the suit twice now and am very happy. I bought the XLS as I am a bigger build and am about 88kgs. I bought the sleeveless one to free up my shoulders and it definitely does that. I might end up buying a sleeved one as well for mid winter. The wetsuit bag was a nice extra that I wasn’t expecting but is very useful!

Ritchie Michael

My first Volare wetsuit lasted about a month before the green shoulder elastic started fatiguing and stretching. It is now 3 months and it is sloppy material dragging in the water. To be fair I swim in a chlorinated pool, so maybe that accelerated the decline. I rinse it after each swim.

So I have bought a second (rather than have a fight with Volare). It just arrived - i will let you know!

John Pratt
Just about there.

First open water swim in my new V1 sleeveless today.
From purchase to arrival was really quick. Probably a week at most.

It’s a real leap forward from the older wetties it’s replacing.
The fit and feel is great. Really comfortable.
My swim was completely unrestricted by the suit. It was as if it wasn’t there really.

My only concern is the large yellow side panels didn’t seem to be doing much to keep my core warm. I was in 20 degree C water today and only for 40 mins. Wouldn’t want to be in much colder water or for a much longer period of time. It would, however, be brilliant for anyone ocean swimming anywhere further up the coast than Sydney.

Key Features


No other triathlon wetsuit delivers the performance and value of the V1 sleeveless triathlon wetsuit. Constructed entirely from premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, it offers class leading performance and unbeatable value.


High visibility shoulder and leg panels for open water safety. 


Low cut, adjustable neckline, constructed from premium ultra soft Yamamoto neoprene.


YKK zipper, neoprene zip cover and the zip cord can be attached in the position of your choice.