The Volare Waterproof VHF Radio Case is designed in Australia with surf life saving and water sports enthusiasts in mind. This stylish and robust 100% waterproof radio case fits both right and left-handed antennas. Designed to be a universal solution for hand held radios, the Volare waterproof radio Case fits most standard radios that are commonly used by lifeguards, police, military, jet skiers, boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and emergency services.

The front and back windows allow for clear visibility and functionality. The waterproof radio case comes standard with a fully adjustable and removable 3-way harness. The radio case harness is designed so that your radio remains fully functional, secured and completely protected from the outside elements.

The Volare waterproof radio case is designed specifically for the harshest marine environments and made from strong TPU material. All Volare waterproof cases feature high frequency welded seams and the case will provide protection against water, sand, snow, dust and anything else you can throw at it.

Ideal for boating and all outdoor activities the Volare waterproof radio case was designed originally with Surf Life Saving in mind and the radio case is universal fitting both right and left-handed antennas. 

The Volare waterproof radio case removes wind from calls and provides clear communication while sound and radio signal is unaffected. Allowing you to easily communicate with emergency services if required.

You can take the Volare waterproof VHF Case to depths of up to 6 meters or 20 ft. For additional peace of mind this waterproof case will happily float with your device in it (but always make sure you test this in shallow water first!). It also comes with a number of attachments points for additional security and comes as standard with harness harness so you can't lose your device in rough conditions. 


This is the ideal choice for lifeguard, water police, coast guard, boaters, sailing, jet skiers, kayakers or those that love being outdoors and require this a robust waterproof radio case that won’t let you down.

February 06, 2019 — Volare Sports