The Volare Waterproof Large Phone Case has been developed to meet the needs of the adventurer, be it on land, or in water. Built with tough TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, it can withstand depths of up to 20 ft/6 meters for up to 60 minutes and holds an IP68 rating. This phone case is more than just protection for your phone, allowing you to snap photos, take videos and even take phone calls while using the case.


What does IP68 actually mean?

Well, IP stands for Ingress Protection, and IP ratings are used to define levels of resistance to things like dust, dirt and moisture. The first number tells you the resistance to solids like dust and dirt, while the second number relates to water resistance. The higher the number, the higher the resistance. With 6 being the max number for solids, and 8 being the max number for liquids, IP68 is as good as it gets.


Don’t some mobile phones have an IP rating already?

While some phones do have an IP rating, your mobile provider will tell you that it’s really only to give you some peace of mind should the unfortunate happen (eg you drop your phone in the toilet!). If you’re serious about phone protection, get a waterproof case!


The Volare IP68 phone case will take the worry out of your adventure, giving you the peace of mind to do what you love. Be it boating, camping, swimming, surfing, or walking through a rain forest the case will keep your phone protected from mud, sand, dirt, snow and water.


The Volare case allows your phone to be fully functional on land or on water, so you can stay connected with family, friends or emergency services if required.


Please note that while we do our best to make this the best phone case on the market, your phone signal will be lost and the touch screen won’t work while the phone and case are underwater.