V1 Mens Triathlon Wetsuit Green Room

$249.00 AUD

Australia’s number one selling triathlon and open water swimming wetsuit the V1 is now available in an epic new colour “Green Room.” While our fluro yellow V1 triathlon wetsuit is ideal for those wanting to maximise safety and visibility in the water during open water swimming, the all new “Green Room” delivers the same high-performance you have come to expect from the V1 range but takes its inspiration and subtle design cues from Australia’s surf beaches.

“Green Room” is a surfing term. In surfing, the green room is the inside of a barrel that is produced by a wave. This term was coined due to the colour of light reflected into the barrel.

Construction and quality remain unchanged and the V1 delivers unbeatable value as we continue to use the world’s finest neoprenes from Yamamoto and a race proven YKK Zipper.

New features to all V1 wetsuits this season is the ability to trim the leg and arm cuff by 5cm if required. Heat sealed seams in the cuffs allow further size adjustment if required.


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
K Gesling
First wetsuit purchase

Very happy with my first ever Wetsuit. Great fit and very easy to swim in.

Peter Thomson
V1 Green Room wersuit

My first swimming wetsuit and could not be happier. I was borderline between 2 sizes and contacted Volare for help and got a response within a few hours recommending the larger of the 2. It fits like a dream. I was really worried about how fragile the neoprene might be and how difficult it might be to put on but it feels really sturdy and so incredibly easy to put on. And as an added bonus, it looks good.
First swim today in open water and there's no issues with shoulder movement/restrictions. And the buoyancy is great. I'm looking forward to the rest of winter and more colder swims.
Highly recommend.

Kent Mullins
Great wetsuit

Great wetsuit and great customer service

Paul Taylor
Excellent wetsuit

Due to a cycling injury, unable to swim in sleeved wetsuit, so for the last few years being swimming in the volare sleeveless wetsuit which is another excellent wetsuit. Tried this wetsuit as description is less restricted in arms and ocean temperature getting cooler, and yes first sleeved wetsuit I can swim in without any restrictions or pain in the arm and shoulder area, it's like swimming in a sleeveless with the warmth of a sleeved wetsuit. Highly recommend this wetsuit if you're looking for a sleeved wetsuit that doesn't restrict you in the arms and shoulders.

Pam Matthews
Good fit and comfortable

Fit as described. I have big arms and legs but it is still comfortable and easy to swim in.

Key Features


No other triathlon wetsuit delivers the performance and value of the V1 mens triathlon wetsuit. Constructed entirely from premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, it offers class leading performance and unbeatable value. Designed in Australia.


As the name suggest the Green Rooms design is inspired by the ocean and Australia’s countless surf beaches.


Low cut, adjustable neckline, constructed from premium ultra soft Yamamoto neoprene.


YKK zipper, neoprene zip cover and the zip cord can be attached in the position of your choice.