V1 Neoprene Buoyancy Short

$129.00 AUD

Don't miss out on your chance to secure a pair of Australia's number one selling Buoyancy Shorts.

Neoprene buoyancy short replicates the body position created when swimming in a wetsuit, without causing overheating in the pool and improving overall swim speed. Neoprene buoyancy swim shorts can be used to replace a pull buoy in training, allowing for a natural swim kick and tumble turn. 

Ideal for open water and pool swimming, these stylish buoyancy shorts feature fluro yellow side panels to help improve visibility in the water and allow coaches to note hip rotation during swimming, making them ideal for technical swim feedback. 

Constructed from 3mm Yamamoto Neoprene, buoyancy is further enhanced with additional 5mm frontal buoyancy panels. Offering unrivalled buoyancy and hip lift in a neoprene buoyancy short.

These stylish neoprene swim shorts are the perfect choice for Swimrun races, offering unparalleled buoyancy and leg lift. Ideal for weaker swimmers, they improve confidence and enhance swim performance by creating leg / hip lift which vastly improves swimming efficiency and overall swim speed. Volare neoprene buoyancy shorts are Unisex fit. 

Sizing is Unisex

Customer Reviews

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Boyancy Shorts

I swim in ocean in Melbourne 3 times a week & have found these shorts super comfortable to swim in. Buy a pair.

a 70 year old swimmer
Buyancy support

The shorts provide much needed support to someone who has difficulty with leg kicking. On first use I improved my average swim time by about 5%.
I am at the upper end of size range, so decided to buy L rather XL which was a tight fit but fine. However, as I am tall the waist measurement is a fit but i would prefer a slightly longer length.

Customer support

Thank you for your reply to my initial review Anthony, I am happy to revise due to your prompt resolution provided.
I purchased this product on line circa 11th December 2023. I was excited and followed all steps. Imagine my dismay when the waist tie snapped. A number of written contact attempts failed. Then 30 days expired rather quickly. Never have I been more disappointed with the customer service with any product ever. This is on record and happy to provide more. Currently sitting collecting dust. Now looking for an alternative product as I have a disability.

Felicity, really sorry to hear you have had an issue. Feel free to call us on (07) 55640029 as this is very strange, we have no emails from you and I can't find an order under your name or email address? Did you purchase directly from Volare or from a retailer? I'd like to get to the bottom of this and sort this out for you asap.If you prefer you can contact me directly at anthony@volaresports.com Again sorry that you have had an issue, looking forward to helping you get back in the pool. Anthony

John Irvine
Buoyancy Shorts

Improved body while pool swimming

Definately the Volare neoprene buoyancy shorts, improve your body position and can become a little additive Thanks so much for your support anf feedback. Anthony

Philip Brewin
No delivery

The shorts have not arrived. Put a complaint to Aus Post but they have not deem to respond!

Philip, the goods were shipped same day and as per the tracking number the goods were 'delivered' to your office on Friday? We are always happy to help with tracking and chasing Aus Post. However a 1 star review for an item that has been delivered by Aus Post to your office is very harsh. Could you please check with your mail room and let us know the outcome. Appreciate its frustrating, we are here to help. Anthony

Key Features


Strategically placed to increase hip lift and enhance performance. 


  • Fluro yellow panels and logo's enhance a swimmers visibility in open water and for pool sessions provide coaches with clear reference points.
  • Reinforced crotch and inside leg for improved longevity and functionality 
  • Ideal for swim run events and surf lifesaving


Provides peace of mind for surf and pool