Finding the right swim goggles is key to enjoying your open water swimming and certainly a swim goggle that fits well is going to be at the top of the list.

Swim goggles are generally divided into pool swimming and open water categories. Open water swimming is a broad term that defines any swim activity that’s not pool based. Open water swimming in a lake is vastly different to swimming in large surf and for this reason you should also think about the goggle’s profile or hydrodynamics. 

If your idea of open water swimming is tackling big surf and body surfing, then a smaller profile goggle that’s hydrodynamic like the Kirra socket goggle is going to be the best choice for taking on the wave of the day. The Kirra is a true open water swim goggle and a perfect choice for pool swimming. Field of vision is fantastic making it perfect for sighting and spotting waves. It’s a super low profile swim goggle design, which reduces drag and the chances of losing your goggles when body surfing.

A common myth is that larger goggles are designed for open water and some resemble dive masks. These styles of goggle are not designed for surf and will be high drag resulting in them being lost on the first wave. These oversized goggles and masks are best used for the pool, lakes or calm conditions.

The Kirra Swim Goggle comes standard with adjustable nose pieces, making it ideal for all face types as you can change the size of the goggle and achieve the perfect fit by selecting a small, medium or large nose piece. Extra colour coded nose pieces come as standard with every pair, allowing you to colour code training and race goggles or you can personalise your goggles for easy identification to stop family fights.

What are the best Triathlon Swimming Goggle? It’s certainly a hot topic and again it depends on the water conditions, light and race duration. In Australia many triathlon races like the Noosa Triathlon are held in the ocean, so you potentially will encounter a shore break and maybe have the chance to body surf. Low profile goggles like the Kirra or the slightly larger Noosa are a perfect choice, providing a super comfortable fit, field of vision, performance and a variety of lens choices to suit race day light conditions.

Unlike surf lifesaving events, a triathlon or Ironman event is unlikely to be held in large surf or even any surf. If triathlon is your focus the key priority should be on comfort, achieving a great seal and having clear vision for sighting buoys. If your comfortable and happy in the water, you dramatically enhance your swimming experience and overall confidence.

An all-round goggle like the Noosa is specifically designed to be used in the pool and ocean resulting in a goggle that does not need to be overly tight to achieve a perfect seal, which also greatly reduces the dreaded goggle marks. It also means you can train and race in the same goggles.

January 21, 2021 — Anthony Cook