Choosing the right swim goggle and lens colour for open water swimming or pool swimming in winter will massively enhances your swimming enjoyment. As winter approaches and the sun rises later and sets earlier, it’s inevitable that you will experience low light swimming conditions. At this point in the year goggle choice and lens colour makes a world of difference to your swimming enjoyment.

Summer lens options, like tinted or coloured lens, are designed specifically to reduce summer glare and brightness. While in winter we want to maximise available light and clear swimming goggles are designed specifically to provide a clear field of vison, allowing you to see the pool wall or the next breaking wave in front of you.

For ocean swimming, open water swimming, surf swimming, situational awareness and feeling connected to the environment is key. The Phil Clayton Kirra Socket Goggle with clear lens is our go to swimming goggle for surf swimmers and those looking for a smaller low-profile socket or race goggle. The Phil Clayton Kirra Socket Goggle offers superior hydrodynamics compared to larger open water goggles, so you don’t lose them body surfing. The clear lens and goggle design offers an enhanced field of vison, superior clarity and the optical lens quality allows you to sight the next buoy or spot the next wave.


For open water, triathlon, pool or for swimmers who prefer a larger field of vision the Noosa Clear Lens is a fantastic option. Being a larger open water swim goggle it features a larger soft silicon, allowing for a perfect seal with minimal pressure that avoids the dreaded goggle marks.


For many swimmers low light conditions make winter swimming a deal breaker, when the answer is to simply brighten up your swimming world with a pair of new clear swim goggles. It’s time to take a good look at your old favourites, it’s a great time to bin your scratched, foggy goggles and see what winter swimming has to offer.