Are you thinking about purchasing an open water swimming wetsuits or triathlon wetsuit? The choices are endless and often confusing when searching for the perfect swimming wetsuit.

 The first step is being clear on what you want in an open water wetsuit?

  • Warmth
  • Buoyancy
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Neoprene Quality
  • Visibility & Safety
  • Value
  • Warranty
  • Comfort and Fit

For many swimmers the core motivation is to keep swimming through winter, either in home pools, lakes or the ocean. The number one selling open water wetsuit in Australia is the Volare V1 triathlon wetsuit as it ticks all the above boxes, and offers unbeatable value with kids wetsuits starting from $179, adult sleeveless open water wetsuits from $199 and full sleeved open water wetsuits from $219.

 Open water wetsuits for warmth?

Keeping you warm is a key feature of a quality wetsuit that is designed for swimming. A number of different neoprene and thickness will be used to maintain core temperature, improve buoyancy and to allow for freedom of movement while swimming. The V1 strikes the perfect balance with Yamamoto neoprene thickness ranging from 1.5 to 3mm.  

 Staying warm greatly enhance swimming enjoyment, Yamamoto neoprene is a fantastic insulator and helps to maintain core body temperature, allowing you to swim for longer. Volare wetsuits are sold globally with happy customers stay warm swimming in Ireland, USA, Tasmania, New Zealand and other colder climates, you can be assured that you will be warm enough to keep swimming for longer.


Let’s be honest no triathlon wetsuit brand in the world makes neoprene, so it’s important to ask the question who supplies the neoprene? Volare wetsuits use the world’s leading supplier of neoprene Yamamoto based in Japan. We refuse to use inferior and cheaper neoprene. With neoprene you certainly get what you pay for which is why leading brands use Yamamoto, making wetsuits easy to compare when it comes to value.

 The V1 range is entirely constructed from Yamamoto neoprene and when you compare specification is best in class and offers unbeatable value.

 Sleeveless vs Sleeved?

Many pool swimmers prefer sleeveless swimming wetsuits over sleeved, as your swim stroke will be identical and completely unrestricted. That being said body position will be higher in the water, given you will be more buoyant and for most swimmers this will significantly increase swim speed. Sleeveless wetsuits can also provide the best fit option for some body types and many swimmers in milder climates find this is all they need to extend the season.

Best Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

Sleeved suits are proven to be more hydrodynamic in the water and neoprene technology has significantly improved. Restriction is not an issue when the fit is correct, fabric stretch is used for the swim stroke, rather than for fitting into the suit. The V1 range uses a lycra lined sleeve, which serves three core purposes. It enhances a swimmer’s visibility in the water (fluro yellow), dramatically improves flexibility allowing for freedom of motion and is durable being resistant to finger nail nicks. This enhanced arm flexibility gives unrestricted feel similar to our high-end wetsuits like the V3 range, while keeping the price down by not using the same exotic materials that are tailored purely to high performance.

Best Sleeved Triathlon Suit


Wearing a Volare wetsuit will make you faster, speed is enhanced firstly by increasing buoyancy. For leg sinkers this can massively reduce drag, improve efficiency and allow you to swim faster for longer. As a rule of thumb the slower you are the greater the performance enhancement you will see, a middle of the pack swimmer typically would improve 2 – 3 min per kilometre. An Olympic swimmer who already has perfect body position may only gain 1 min per km which over an Ironman distance is still a significant improvement.

Safety and Confidence:

While a swimming wetsuit is certainly not a lifesaving device, you will be dramatically more buoyant which greatly enhances confidence and safety in the water. Tasks like clearing your Swimming goggles or simply having a rest are dramatically easier with enhanced buoyancy. For most swimmers the goal is to keep swimming for as long as they can into winter, being warm not only achieves this but greatly enhances swimming enjoyment.

Open Water Swimming:

Being seen by other water sports enthusiasts is a must, as even the slightest wave chop can make you invisible. For safety you should use a fluro swim captow float or swim buoy, dedicated open water wetsuit with fluro arms like the Mens V1 Remember that surfers, kite boarders, surf skis, other swimmers, surf lifesavers, boats are all actively using the same beach areas and in lakes rowers, kayaks and boats are all potential hazards if you can’t been seen. Should you need assistance from the shore, being seen is key and provides peace of mind.


If the goal is to keep swimming, stay warm and keep fit then the V1 is definitely the suit for you. If every second counts and you are looking for a performance edge then check out the new V3.

 Video Review

The talented @jettclaytonimages captured Phil Clayton & Ty Dowker from Burleigh Swim Run events, testing the V1 Sleeveless open water wetsuit and V3 triathlon wetsuit. The boys tested out the new Volare wetsuits while swimming, running and body surfing on an epic Burleigh Heads Day.