Best Neoprene Swim Cap? As a general rule for most sports, if you are warm then you're happy! As the water cools down getting in for a open water swim certainly becomes harder, however a good swimming wetsuit and minimising heat loss through a quality neoprene swim cap makes all the difference. Finding a comfortable, warm, adjustable neoprene swim cap that also increases visibility and safety while swimming, has until now been a challenge. Key points to consider before choosing a neoprene swim cap should be the temperature, your sizing, neoprene quality, flexibility, visibility and safety, protection, design and Value. 

Temperature: This stylish neoprene swim cap offers enhanced insulation, reducing heat loss while swimming and increasing a swimmer’s thermal protection. Our latest Volare neoprene swim cap most importantly improves swimming comfort, for swimmers who struggle with cold water being happy while swimming and enjoying your open water swimming is paramount. Neoprene swim caps offer vastly improved thermal protection over latex or silicone swim caps, reducing heat loss and discomfort, results in extended swim times in cold water environments.

Size: Available in two sizes S/M & L / XL they also feature an adjustable chin strap for a perfect fit.

Neoprene: Constructed from high quality super soft 3mm Yamamoto neoprene, that offer swimmers thermal protection and enhanced hydrodynamic efficiency

Flexibility: Our new neoprene swim cap offers a fully adjustable chin strap, allowing swimmers to achieve a perfect fit and in our experience being comfortable is key to enjoying your open water swimming. For many swimmers being adjustable is a huge improvement over traditional neoprene swim caps that use a fixed chin strap, swimmers tend to find without adjustment neoprene caps are simply too tight or loose

Visibility: This is a high visibility neoprene swim cap that helps enhance visibility in the water and improve open water safety. Like our V1 open water swimming wetsuits this stylish design incorporates high visibility fluoro yellow neoprene panels.


Ear Protection: Neoprene swim caps also offer ear protection from large waves, knocks and cold water.

Design: Stylish V logo print is on fluro yellow panels enhance visibility and subtle detail.  

 Swimmers use a neoprene swim caps for several reasons:

Thermal Insulation: Volare neoprene swim caps provide better thermal insulation compared to traditional silicone or latex swim caps. Neoprene swim caps retain body heat and provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping the head and ears warmer in cold water. This is particularly beneficial for open water swimming in colder temperatures.

Cold Water Protection: Cold water can cause discomfort and potentially affect swimming performance and enjoyment. Neoprene swim caps help protect the head from the cold water, reducing heat loss and minimising the risk of discomfort, headaches, and potential cold-related conditions. Warm swimmers are happy swimmers.

Ear Protection: Volare neoprene swim caps cover the ears, providing additional protection against cold water and reducing the risk of water entering the ear canal with force when surf swimming. This can help prevent discomfort and potential ear infections.

Hydrodynamic Advantage: Volare Neoprene swim caps are designed to have a smooth and streamlined surface, we construct our neoprene swim caps from Yamamoto smooth skin neoprene. This super high-quality neoprene reduces drag and improves hydrodynamics in the water, enhancing speed and performance.

Versatility: Neoprene swim caps are ideal for swimmers and triathletes and can also be used for various water activities. They are the perfect choice to enhance comfort and warmth while open water swimming, triathlons, cold-water swims, and even pool training sessions. Neoprene swim caps are suitable for swimmers of all levels and can be particularly beneficial in colder or more challenging swimming conditions, including surf swimming.